Hot Import Nights

So ending the crazy show year of 2020 here in Houston at Hot Import Nights. The show brought some of the hottest cars from around the great state of Texas and the cars definitely did not disappoint. With everyone practicing safe distancing the show was majorly spread out on the lot. The staff def kept everyone safety and health when it came to judging the vehicle's as well. This was the first time I had seen the QR code judging style and have mixed feelings about it but do understand the reasoning behind it. There was plenty of great vendors out there to pick up goodies from. The music was key as they had three different dj spinning and doing their part to keep the crowd moving as the night got a little chilly. One thing HIN is known for is their beautiful models which were friendly and willing to take pics with everyone and their cars for that awesome angle for the gram. With this year being the way it was it was great to see friends and everyone just enjoying themselves as this year will come to an end. We can only hope things will continue to get better and next year more shows will come to light but for now lets just enjoy the moment and enjoy the coverage from our media team.