Kennedy's Wide Z

When I first met Kennedy it was about a VIP spot for my meet I host once a month. He sent me pics of his car and I was like wow this thing is amazing. I knew I had to get some pics of this beauty and some kind of info on this beauty.

He took what he called his 2003 Nissan 350z ''Catfish'' and turned into this masterpiece. He has the car rolling on some of my favorite wheels Work Miesters S13P 19x11-15 and 19x12-25. If you know your specs you know how aggressive that is. He couldn't have the fitment if he didn't do something about his fenders others wise call the fenders cooked and fried sitting bacon style

He replaced the OEM fenders and quarters with Crown Carbon and Crafting V2 overfenders to get the overall fitment achieved. The car had came along way by this time because when he first got it the car had aftermarket front and rear bumbers and side skirts which he replaced with OEM parts. The car also features a INGS front lip with a Mazterpiece front splitter, and custom Chargespeed side splitters. To compliment the kit he added a AMS GT Wing and a Top Secret rear diffuser.The car was painted Daytona Blue by his friend Diego, all we can say is well done because that color is amazing!

The car is sitting on Airlift V2 performance kit. You know that air is the way now a days although we do respect the static guys these Texas streets are not a joke. After all that work that Kennedy did I am sure he didn't want to tear up his kit. I am sure that people are wanting to know what is under the hood well all he said was get ready because he has a big surprise for next season and based on what his car is undergoing I am sure we wont be disappointed.

Its sad to say the car no longer looks like it does when these photos were taken but he is working on something great and we ask to give him a follow on his IG @kennedeezus to see what he does next.


Oscar Arias of Zociety

Chaz Nung of Motion VIP

Diego, Tayron, Angel, Macho, Dat of Team Lowkey

Duy Nyguen of Nyguen Auto

Jay Castillio of Jays Kustom Wheels


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