La Gorda

What other name would you give a big blue Subaru? La Gorda seems fitting and the owner Isai has done an amazing job. His 2015 Subaru Wrx is not typically found in the " Stance" scene due to the majority of Subaru owners building their car for performance. Isai just likes to simply ride nice and low we cant disagree with that!

Isai chose to abandon the static life and fully upgrade with Airlift Performance struts with a V2 handling height system. With the help of Erik @killerpaints he laid down some paint on his setup along with his I.L.B suspension. Like most car enthusiast say "I'm going to keep it stock" knowing all too well that was a lie. Sure enough a week later with some lighting, wheels, and cosmetics ; La Gorda was born.

He recently attended Stancenation down here in Houston, Tx and achieved Best Stance on air award. We all know how wheels and fitment come into play when your trying to get your ride looking good. Wheels will make or break any build. For some rollers he went with some Traditional BBS RS wheels and man they look yummy. It took Isai as what he says 123456 sets of wheels to get the car where it is now. He has had it for 3yrs and counting.

He installed STI headlights with a

Bayson R chargespeed lip and added that little touch to the rear with the Chargespeed F1 brake light as well. Her interior isn't crazy but he does get to sit comfortable on some Recaro Evo 8 seats while holding onto a Grip Royal steering wheel. Evo seats in a Subaru? Who does that? its the mods that set one apart from the rest.

Some people or should I say Non car enthusiast will never understand the hard work it takes to get these cars to where we would like to only change it again. La gorda has come a long ways and will soon be undergoing a different look. Its up to us to build our dreams and its up to others to appreciate the hard work and for us at Lowlife we do appreciate this beauty.

Shoutouts: Lowlife_est15, Backyard Auto, NVS Customs, Killer Paints, A&J carwash, I.L.B suspension

IG: @Ghettoroyalti

Pics: @Robbboomin