"It doesn't matter. Static or bagged, being low is our goal."

Based out of Houston, Texas, our dream is to create a brand that not only has its own personality, but supports the scene in all aspects. The ideas are fresh and the clothing is dope. Not only do we sell apparel, but we wish to build something that can be respected in the community. We host meets, hit shows and show love to all.

Chris Torres


Social Media 

Founder of Lowlife, it was Chris' vision to bring this all together.


IG: @Most_h8td


Social Media Advisor opening. If you are interestered in running our social media accounts and handling other small task please send us a email.


Media Team 

Videographer- @Satoshi.Film

Photographer- @Txdeville


Welcoming our newest Brand Ambassador model Gigi. Be sure to stop by at our events and be on the lookout for some hot shoots with our newest merch. If interested in representing us please send us an email. 


IG: Reyanasmakeupp

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